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Rapid Reverse Engineering Services Revolutionizing Equipment Maintenance for Custom Applications, Hard to Find Parts, or Obsolete Parts

Welcome to Word’s Equipment, your go-to expert in extending the life and performance of your agriculture and construction machinery through high-quality 3D reverse engineering services. Using advanced technology and manufacturing processes, we can get your machinery back up and running with minimal downtime.

Our Services

3D Scanning: Utilizing innovative laser scanners, we capture the intricate details of your agricultural machinery parts, regardless of the complexity.

Reverse Engineering: Using sophisticated software, we can transform scanned data into precise 3D CAD models, which serve as blueprints for manufacturing or analyzing parts for improvement.

Custom Part Fabrication: Combining traditional fabrication methods with modern 3D printing technology, we produce high-quality, durable parts that fit and function as intended.

Prototyping: Before proceeding to full-scale production, we offer prototyping services to ensure design integrity and part functionality.

Consultation: With decades of experience in the equipment and aerospace industry, we can provide professional advice in designing custom parts, including appropriate materials selection, thereby improving machinery components for better performance and longevity.

Agricultural Combine
Construction Dozer
Logging Grapple
Formlabs 3+ 3-D Printer

Industries We Serve

  • Crop Production & Harvesting

  • Irrigation and Water Systems

  • Dairy & Livestock

  • Grain Handling & Storage

  • Vineyard & Orchard Management

  • Farm & Land Maintenance Equipment

  • Forestry & Logging

  • Residential & Commercial Construction

  • Infrastructure & Heavy Civil Engineering

  • Demolition & Waste Management

  • Earthmoving & Landscaping

  • Mining & Quarrying Equipment

  • Automotive

  • Recreational Vehicle (including RV, ATV/UTV & watercraft)

Common Applications

  • Engine parts such as intake ports

  • Forming tools for PTFE seal installation

  • Molds and patterns

  • Custom ergonomic handles for loader/machine controls

  • Electrical housings and enclosures

  • Custom knobs, buttons, overlays, and interior trim

  • Fuel system components

  • Air vents/ light housings

  • And many more applications

3-D Scanning gear

The Reverse Engineering Process

Consultation & Assessment: Contact us to discuss your machinery part needs. We will assess the feasibility and provide you with a streamlined project plan. No project is too small.

Precision Scanning: We scan the part using 3D laser technology, digitally capturing every part’s detail with high accuracy.

CAD Modeling & Analysis: Scan data is transformed into a precise 3D model, ready for further evaluation or manufacturing.

Prototyping & Testing: A prototype is produced for testing to confirm fit, form, and function.

Production & Fabrication: After component validation, we move forward with the final part into production. We will evaluate the function and environmental conditions to determine the most appropriate materials and fabrication processes to recreate your part for end use.

Quality Control & Delivery: The part goes through stringent quality checks before being delivered to ensure your satisfaction.

Print Capabilities

At Word’s Equipment, we currently utilize both stereolithography (SLA) and fused deposition modeling (FDM) printing methods.

With our FDM printers, we can print many of the standard filaments, such as ABS, PLA, PETG, PET, PA, ABS, ASA, or PC, flexible materials such as TPU/TPE, and even fiber-reinforced materials like PLA-CF, PA-CF, or PET-CF. FDM prints can be used for low-cost rapid prototyping, tooling or fixturing aids, and even end-use products.

Stereolithography (SLA) is an additive manufacturing process that uses a UV laser to cure and solidify liquid resin. With SLA printing, options for end-use high-quality products are significantly increased. With SLA printing, we have the option of using advanced engineering resins such as 100% silicone, polyurethane, ceramic, and specialty resins, which are heat resistant, flame retardant, or ESD safe.

Urethane and Silicone Castings

Casting silicone and urethane parts is another method of producing high-quality parts that would traditionally be manufactured utilizing injection molding processes. Urethane and silicone materials have a wider range of thermal, chemical, and mechanical properties than many of the 3D-printed plastics.

Plastic Parts

Why Choose Word's Equipment

Expertise: With an in-depth understanding of advanced contemporary engineering technologies, our experts ensure products are of the highest caliber.

Precision: We commit to delivering parts that meet and exceed OEM specifications.

Speed: We understand the importance of uptime and minimizing downtime, so we strive to provide quick turnaround times for all our services.

Sustainability: By refurbishing parts, we help to extend the life of machinery, contributing to more sustainable practices.

Cost-Effective: Our reverse engineering process can significantly reduce the cost of replacing hard-to-find or obsolete parts.

Professional office

Restore Your Machinery’s Functionality

Don't let worn or obsolete parts slow down your operations. Contact Word's Equipment today for expert assistance in reversing the aging of your machinery. Let us help minimize downtime and maximize efficiency with precision-engineered parts.

Stay ahead of the curve with Word’s Equipment – Empowering the backbone of our country.

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